Jumpa Lagi

Kita berjumpa kembali. talking bullshit. laugh like donkey. pervertedly staring each other. Sex discussion, pillow talk, luahan jiwa rimba, fucking interview, "melakukan onani, melakukan onani," by maisara. Mas Idayu yang smakin hot with her 55kg weight. Ika wif her rambut Puteri-wannabe, ayien "the ayat kaut semua"..(but u balik umah awal.) plus sibuk menabur market dan menyebarkan benih saham, so gamba lu tak banyak. (huahauhau),

and me, with old-lame-dull me. still fat, nothings change, problematical, (sorry bithes, for making all of u tunggu aku lama nak mati). Saya seorang designer. not an engineer. i work 24 hours a day. Please understand me *begging on my knee*

saya mahu berlari jauh just like Forest Gump did. Be on TV, be on the front page of magazineS, live happier. get marry, with someone i really love, (especially wif a man who can understand me from A to Z, love me from top to toe, the one who can woo, the one who will always stay beside even when i am so damn angry, or even sulking like hell. I don't care about his money, coz i have my own. i can even earn it myself. I dont give a damn about his fame, coz i have my own too.. )
I'm a perfect and unique product that has been created by God. I can stand alone, walk alone, live alone, without any Human by my side.. dan saya mesti percaya penipuan bagi kenyataan di atas adalah satu kebenaran

p/s: longing is bullshit. i dont know what to say.

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ejam said...

hehe yg kanan skali 2 kem slm la ek