Taknak Black color...change yellow to red..

Kindly amend all the points that I told you in phone just now.
  1. Color – if still using black color, just use as very light background
  2. Cover - with brand and name of nuts, not in black color
  3. Almonds / Hazels (without the word “nuts”)
  4. weight - change smaller size
  5. the nuts are too many, please adjust to match with chocolates
  6. Vintage Luxury – not in white color but in gold hot stamping or emboss
  7. Please provide the artwork for another side. All details follow the CD
  8. 955 7940 20566_ (Almonds 100g)
  9. 955 7940 20567_(Hazels 100g)
  10. 955 7940 20568_(Assortment 100g)

Aku dah bosan.Otak dah beku.

Lantak kau la situ

Maaf kalau lambat tak reply YM

maaf kalau lambat tak reply SMS
maaf kalau lambat tak reply email
maaf kalau lambat reply komen
maaf semua semua..
aku seriously byk keje..baru tadi bos declare yang advertising project untuk Emperor Company yang dulunya Annie pegang berubah ke tangan aku. Sebelum ni aku design sket-sket..now semua aku hendel. Kilang cekelet lagik. web lagik. freelance lagik. wagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: memandai je Rara wane purple warna setan.

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