Pagi pagi aku sampai client call.
Tanya lagi pasal design.

Tolong sesiapa bagitau aku.
betul ke warna purple tu melambangkan bangsa India?

"ladynoe...u should know about this...green's for Malay...Red's Chinese.. Purple's for Indian la noe...." daphne said. then tegelak2. i felt like a dumb ass.

"owh sorry, I never know that purple has been a symbol of Indian in our country..I dont even agree that green stand for Malay. I dont believe in any feng shui..."

"Ya la...but we here must proceed the color before we go up there and meet the datok..to show your design to him.."

"But your datuk is not Chinese right? hehehe..nevermind lah. I'll change the color then."

"ok...eh wait wait..one more a..we chinese dont like black and dark color...so please make ur color lighter...ok?"

AGAIN? whut? target client semua cina ke ape? dem..


si mata duitan said...

ko nie gf fendi kan? naik kelisa special edition kuning itam...

ladynoe said...

seorang lagi psychotic dikenal pasti.